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Snapshots or Existing Photographs

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Paintings from a snapshot or existing photo could be a beautiful commemoration of an event or a memory. Perhaps you've lost a loved one, or a beloved pet that never had that perfect portrait made. Cheri can work with an approved, un-copyrighted  photograph to create a beautiful painted portrait. If your photograph is a copyrighted image from a professional photographer, please note due to legal reasons, a Usage Rights release must be obtained from the photographer.

These portraits are hand-painted, stroke-by-stroke, using a tablet and stylus and utilizing the premier painting software, Corel Painter, as well as oil paint embellishments. Traditional style and technique combined with today's technology. Your image can become a beautiful Masterpiece portrait printed on Canvas or Fine Art Paper! Please see "Paintings from YOUR Snapshots" in the Galleries dropdown to see more.

Let Cheri create a
  from your memories!