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Commission a new painting and receive 20% off regular Pro Pricing!
July 1-15 2024 ONLY
So many photographers are searching for a way to make themselves stand out in the sea of photographers that exists today and make more money! How do you do that? You offer a product that no one else in your area is and HERE'S HOW...offer Painted Portraits! BE that "go-to" artist in your area where clients KNOW they can get can a beautifully painted piece, an heirloom canvas to pass down to future generations. Master Artist, Cheri Hammon has been collaborating with professional photographers for 25 years and would love to work with you. Marketing and selling these portraits as one of your top product lines can greatly increase your profits!
The commissioned paintings, Canvases, Fine Art Prints, hand-applied embellishments, finishes, and stretching are all done in-house to ensure a completely custom art piece for you and your clients.
If you've been thinking about offering painted portraits in your studio, don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of this special.
Message for more info and Pro-Pricing, or call 404.316.2622.
If you're not a professional photographer and want a painting, contact me as well!
A big THANK YOU to Sundra O'Shea at Ananchel for the use of their commissioned painted portrait.

Cheri Hammon
CPP, M. Photog., MEI, M. Artist, Cr., F-ASP